Conservative MPs and PPCs unite to get more for Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire’s Conservative MPs and PPCs met with councillors in Lincoln last week to forge a new, collaborative approach that will deliver more for the county

Boston and Skegness Conservative parliamentary candidate Matt Warman pledged this week that under a Conservative government Lincolnshire’s MPs will “work together to get more out of Westminster for our county”.

Matt was speaking after a meeting with fellow Conservative parliamentary candidates Victoria Atkins (Louth and Horncastle) and Marc Jones (Grimsby), as well as Karl McCartney MP and Sir Edward Leigh MP. Taking place in Lincoln last week, it was the first in a series of meetings that will see Conservative MPs and PPCs speak with one voice on key issues for the county.

“It’s important that in each constituency individual MPs stand up for what is best for their constituents,” said Matt. “But there’s a host of issues, including delivering a new distributor road for Boston, safeguarding local health services and tackling welfare and immigration, where it’s in all our interests if Lincolnshire’s MPs stand united. That way we can make sure government understands that investing in Lincolnshire offers brilliant value for money.”

A briefing at County Hall, led by County Council Leader Martin Hill (Con), covered key topics including health, flood defence, transport and library provision, as well as the growing need for improvements to broadband access and local universities and agricultural colleges.

The approach complements Matt’s recently revealed plan for a series of public meetings that will take place across the Boston and Skegness constituency, canvassing the views of residents.

“Only a Conservative MP will have the clout in government to deliver for local residents,” added Matt. “And only a Conservative government will deliver the long-term economic plan that is already pulling Britain out of recession while Germany and France’s recoveries falter.”

Picture: Karl McCartney MP, Marc Jones (Grimsby PPC), Victoria Atkins (Louth and Horncastle PPC), Sir Edward Leigh MP, Matt Warman

Picture: Matt Warman (Boston and Skegness PPC), Victoria Atkins (Louth and Horncastle PPC) and Marc Jones (Grimsby PPC)

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