My pledge to serve you

Dear constituent,

On May 7th, people in Boston and Skegness firmly backed the Conservatives. I’m writing to thank you for placing your trust in me, to thank all those who supported me and to pledge that over the next five years I will serve every constituent diligently and with enthusiasm.

It is a huge privilege to be asked to serve you: I will work with councillors and colleagues in Westminster to make sure our local roads, schools and hospitals receive the investment they deserve; I will speak loudly on the profound changes, for better and worse, wrought on our constituency by changes in population over the last decade; and I will try to re-engage people in politics so that we never again face the sense of powerlessness and disillusionment I heard about on the doorstep.

Boston and Skegness is no more a single-issue constituency than any other. We face a huge range of challenges and opportunities. Whether that is seizing the chance to further enhance the thriving tourist businesses in Skegness, building on Boston’s market, or continuing to produce the best food in the country, there is a bright future ahead.

I met thousands of people on the campaign trail. I look forward to meeting even more in the next five years!

Best wishes,
Matt Warman MP
Boston and Skegness

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