Matt Warman MP speaks up in Commons for the law to balance the books

finance bill committee

Hugh Merriman MP, Matt Warman MP, Alan Mak MP & Lucy Frazer MP

Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, last night backed calls for a public sector surplus target to be enshrined in law, ensuring a sustainable economic future for Britain.

As one of just six speakers chosen from the Government benches during the Charter for Budget Responsibility debate, Matt highlighted how the Government’s plan for the economy has already helped more people into employment than ever before, particularly from workless households. Locally, it has resulted in more money being invested to revive coastal areas such as Skegness.

He argued that a responsible government needs to ensure not only that it is not running a deficit, but also that it is prepared for the future by building a surplus of public funds to invest in tougher times.

During the debate, Matt said “I would like colleagues from both sides of the House to accept that this policy will not just put us on a sustainable economic footing for the future, but make sure that that sustainable economic footing is locked into this House’s legislation.”

Referring to Labour’s U-turn on its support for the Fiscal Charter, Matt said, “In the course of the election campaign, my Conservative colleagues and I spent a great deal of time talking about a long-term economic plan. I did not know at the time that “long-term” meant anything longer than two weeks, but now we know.”

Matt added after the debate’s vote, which passed with a majority of 62, “I am pleased that the House voted in favour of enshrining a commitment to reduce our debts and run a surplus – a policy which will give Britain a sustainable economic future. As households in Lincolnshire and beyond will agree, it is important that we fix the roof while the sun is shining.”


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