Matt Warman MP: New figures show our plan to help one million more people to own a home is working in our region

Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, has welcomed new figures showing the increase in housing supply across the local area. In Boston there have been 110 new houses built since last year, while in the East Lindsey district there have been 490 – a total of 600 across both local authorities.

The official statistics show that the Conservative Party’s plan to make home ownership an achievable dream is working in Lincolnshire and across the country. With a 25 per cent increase in housing supply since last year, there are now 170,690 more new houses available across the UK for people who want good quality homes, both to rent and buy. These figures show that we are moving towards our ambition to create a million new homeowners by 2020, with our campaign to get homes built being realised in both Boston and East Lindsey.

Matt said, “These figures are excellent news, showing the number of houses available in our area has risen, giving a real boost to the number of homes available for hardworking families and individuals.”

“We want to give people the security and stability of owning their own home, with government initiatives already having helped 230,000 people buy a home since 2010. We want to go even further and double the number of first-time buyers compared to the last five years and deliver 200,000 new Starter Homes at 20 per cent discount to first-time buyers under 40.”

“I would recommend anyone aspiring to own a home of their own to log on to to see what government help may be available to them.”

Headline national figures

  • On 12 November 2015, the ONS published statistics for the Net Supply of Housing: 2014-15 in England. (ONS, Housing Statistical Release, 12 November 2015, link)

Key statistics

  • Housing: Annual housing supply amounted to 170,690 net additional dwellings (up 25 per cent from dwellings 2013-14).
  • New build homes:  There were 155,080 new build homes from 2014-15.

 Other useful statistics:

  • Building 200,000 new starter homes for first-time buyers. The Housing Bill will help to deliver 200,000 new Starter Homes, which will be 20 per cent cheaper than the market price and will be for first-time buyers only under the age of 40 (David Cameron speech, 2 March 2015, link).
  • Getting more land for housing released. We have launched a £10 million fund to help councils bring forward brownfield land for the new Starter Homes and, as part of our extension to Right to Buy, we will launch a £1 billion brownfield regeneration fund to help bring old industrial and wasteland back into use for thousands of new homes (DCLG Press Release,10 August 2015, link; Conservative Party, Manifesto 2015, April 2015, link).
  • Higher level of council houses have been built. In the last parliament we built twice as many council homes than under 13 years of a Labour Government. (Hansard, 26 March 2015, Col. HCWS509, link.)


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