Boston Standard Column: Looking forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016

I’ve had a look back at 2015 and I look forward to speaking with as many as possible in a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.

Perhaps the best moment of my 2015 in Boston came not, as many might expect, on the night of the election. Inspiring, daunting and exciting as that win was, I’d say that actually it was at the Boston Business Awards that I saw the town at its very best.

Boston enters 2016 with the growing prospect of the £90 million flood barrier taking shape, as well as with new wine bars and cafés, a host of new small businesses and even a new sushi restaurant. No wonder at those awards, held at the superb Haven High Academy, employers and business owners were buzzing with excitement about all that Boston has to offer today, and will offer in the future.

In Skegness, I look forward to seeing more bids to help the already booming local economy and in the new year I will be working with local agencies and the council to investigate extending the season there, and also to continue to improve our river environment.

 That is not to say there aren’t, of course, challenges – from empty shops to integration and beyond – but the key point for me about 2016 is that we must lose none of the optimism that surrounds the local economy.

I hope that my role will allow me to continue to champion the interests of Boston and Skegness at the very highest level – I’ve tried to be as open and accessible as possible so that constituents all know that their voice is heard.

As we approach the European referendum and the police and crime commissioner elections, I look forward to speaking with as many as possible in a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.
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