January 18, 2016

Food waste

This issue is particularly important in our local area, where many of our farmers supply supermarkets, and I have no doubt that they would not want to see their produce go to waste. It is also welcome news that Ministers have backed several rounds of the Courtauld Commitment, a voluntary

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UK death penalty strategy

I  understand the concern, and can assure that the UK Government is opposed to the use of the death penalty under any circumstances as a matter of principle. It undermines human dignity, there is no evidence that it works as a deterrent and any miscarriage of justice in capital cases is

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Heart disease

I understand that many people suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease, atrial fibrillation and strokes. A combination of all three contributed to my own father’s death, and as a doctor my wife sees the ongoing consequences of such conditions almost every day. I would like to take

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Local businesses join Matt Warman MP at Downing Street reception

Local business representatives from Boston and Skegness met the Chancellor at Number 11 Downing Street, at a reception where Matt Warman MP provided them with a chance to put their views directly to George Osborne ahead of the forthcoming Budget. The reception on Monday 11th January, attended by a range

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