After eight years, Carrington finally has a new post box!

After a campaign lasting eight years, Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman and Carrington Parish Council have secured a replacement post box at Shorts Corner from Royal Mail, after the previous one went missing ten years ago.

Carrington Parish Council had made numerous attempts to get the post box reinstated in this time, but these were unfortunately left unsuccessful. It was finally installed over the summer, and is now fully functioning. All groups involved in the campaign are delighted that a replacement has finally been secured to improve residents’ access to local postal services.

Taking the message right to the top, Matt lobbied the Chief Executive of Royal Mail, Moya Greene, to make sure that Carrington’s long lost amenity was finally restored. Campaigners had to overcome taxing new rules on post box placement and Carrington Parish Council contributed to the cost of the post on which the box is mounted.

Matt Warman visited the new post box on Friday 9th December with Victoria Clark, Clerk to Carrington Parish Council, and Parish Councillors Sandra Brown and Herbert Eptom.

He said, “I am incredibly pleased we have managed to secure a new post box for residents in Carrington. It has been a long campaign but the persistence of the Parish Council and my intervention with Royal Mail has paid off”.

Victoria Clark, the Clerk to Carrington Parish Council said “When I took over the role of Clerk to the Council five years ago, I was told that I would never get the Post Box replaced as many had tried before me. From that day I made it my mission to get a replacement, I don’t think I would have succeeded without Matt’s help, I thank him very much.”

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