Litter affects us all. It blights our local environment in Boston and Skegness and costs Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council £644,000 and £893,000 respectively to clean-up. That is why the new Litter Strategy sets out plans to help to tackle this anti-social behaviour, making Boston and Skegness a more attractive area and helping our local economy to prosper and grow.

As part of the first national Litter Strategy litter louts could be hit with £150 fines. This will build on measures to better distribute public bins, making it easier to throw away rubbish, and the recommendation that offenders on community sentences help to clear up fly-tipped waste. These plans will make sure in Boston and Skegness we can all enjoy the local environment and it is a clean, healthy place to live and work in. It builds on much that we are already doing locally, giving it a national edge that means irresponsible people who drop litter will face real punishment wherever they are.

We want to be the first generation to leave our environment in in a better state than we found it, and tackling litter is an important part of our drive to make Boston and Skegness a better place to live and visit.

Matt Warman commented; “Litter is something that affects us all in our area and blights our local environment.  I want to make sure that our constituency is a great place to live in and work in so  the local economy can thrive.

“The Litter Strategy will make it easier for people to get rid of litter properly, creating an anti-littering culture and introducing tougher enforcement measures to hit thoughtless litter louts in the pocket.

“We want to make sure Boston and Skegness is a nice local environment for us to all enjoy and tackling litter is an important part of our drive to make it a better place to live.”


  • The Litter Strategy will help to address litter across the country. Those who litter could face fines of up to £150.
  • This builds on new measures to cut back on litter including:
    • Issuing new guidance for councils with ideas for updating the nation’s ‘binfrastructure’ through creative new designs and better distribution of public litter bins, making it easier for people to throw away their rubbish.
    • Recommending that offenders on community sentences, including people caught fly-tipping, help councils to clear up litter and fly-tipped waste.
    • Working with Highways England to target the 25 worst litter hotspots across our road network to deliver long-lasting improvements to cleanliness.
    • Creating a ‘green generation’ by educating children to lead the fight against litter through an increased number of Eco-Schools and boosting participation in ‘national clean up days’.
    • Creating a new expert group to look at further ways of cutting the worst kinds of litter, including plastic bottles and drinks containers, cigarette ends and fast food packaging. The group’s first task will be to consider evidence from schemes that reward the return of plastic bottles and drinks containers.
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