Ministry of Defence Guard Service

While I understand concerns about the security of military bases, I am confident that base security is a priority for the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

In 2013 the MOD completed a review of its civil policing and guarding needs to ensure that these were proportionate to the threats and risks faced while remaining cost effective. The review recognised the very important role that the MOD Police played in support of security of the defence estate, but concluded that there was scope to make reductions to the number of guarding and civil policing posts at some sites, whilst maintaining effective and proportionate security at all sites.

I know that the MOD also uses commercial civilian guarding at some sites, however this is only where this is more cost effective. Security arrangements are kept under constant review to ensure safety and security of all personnel.

I would add that it goes without saying that in every area the Government will expect the same high standards from its own employees and from contractors. To suggest otherwise seems to me to misrepresent the brilliant work done by the huge numbers of excellent private contractors working for the state, in particular our GPs.

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