“Just get on with Brexit” – Matt Warman MP urges PM and EU to make progress

The Prime Minister has promised quicker progress towards Brexit, responding to a question from Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness. Matt urged the Government and the EU to make progress on striking a deal, following the Cabinet’s Chequers agreement for Britain’s new relationship with the EU.

In the Prime Minister’s statement on Leaving the EU yesterday, Matt pointed out that his constituency returned the highest leave vote in 2016 and that his constituents are keen to “just get on with it”. He asked,

“The deal negotiated at Chequers delivers on bringing decisions on immigration, money and law back to this House. Please will the Prime Minister get on with it, and will she urge the European Union to get on with it?”

Agreeing with Matt, the Prime Minister said,

“I am happy to agree with my hon. Friend. I hope and expect that we will now see a greater pace and intensity in the negotiations, because we want to ensure that we meet the October deadline for coming to an agreement.”

Commenting afterwards, Matt added,

“I know how important delivering on the results of the referendum is to my constituents, so am pleased with the Prime Minister’s assurances that she is getting on with the job. We all want to see an end to free movement, a sovereign Parliament and an independent trade policy, and I will continue to support the Government in striving for the best possible Brexit deal for the UK.”

Matt’s question can be read in full here.

The Government’s statement on the Chequers agreement can be seen here.

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