Matt Warman MP: no case for a second referendum

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman has told Ministers in the Commons that a second referendum on Brexit would be an affront to democracy, arguing that constituents sent a clear message in the 2016 vote.

In the Government’s latest statement to update MPs on the Brexit negotiations, Matt highlighted that his constituents “weighed up the arguments on behalf of the leave and remain campaigns and voted overwhelmingly to leave.” Noting the subsequent calls for a second referendum, he said, “I wonder if the Secretary of State has heard a single argument made since the referendum that was not been made before it, because I have not.”

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab MP agreed with Matt, saying,

“The country heard both sides, the claims and the counterclaims, and plenty of controversy. I do not think the people of this country are fools. They made their decision, they knew what they were doing and now it is time to leave.”

Following up afterwards, Matt said,

“I am pleased that the Brexit Secretary recognises the lack of appetite for a second referendum, which is particularly acute in Boston and Skegness. I’ve no doubt that people who voted in the referendum carefully considered both sides of the argument to make an informed decision and knew exactly what they were voting for. They rightly now want the Government to get on with delivering on the democratic result of the referendum, which is exactly what I will be supporting in Parliament.”

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