Matt Warman MP welcomes £408,000 Government funding to boost skills and regeneration in Lincolnshire’s coastal communities

Matt Warman, MP for Boston and Skegness, has welcomed the Government’s announcement of £408,000 for projects across Lincolnshire’s coastal communities under the Coastal Communities Fund and Coastal Revival Fund.

The announcement sees £370,000 in funding to provide career and skills development to help future-proof the coastal tourism sector in Lincolnshire, as part of the Coastal Communities Fund, as well as £38,000 awarded to the Parish of Boston to begin a project to revitalise the Blenkin Memorial Hall.

Nationally, the Coastal Communities Fund provides £36 million invested in more than 71 projects in towns and villages along the English coastline, providing jobs for local communities and attracting visitors to our coastal towns.

Lincolnshire’s project, led by the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), will create a ‘Greater Lincolnshire Coastal Skills Pathfinder’. This will provide tailored workforce and career development support for 320 people, working with over 100 coastal businesses to develop a Visitor Skills Plan for the Lincolnshire Coast. Coastal Champions will also act as role models and link into the LEP Ambassador scheme.

In Boston, the funding granted under the Coastal Revival Fund will kick-start work which aims to regenerate the Parish’s 17th century Church House, and adjoining church hall to create a central community venue.

Both funds are part of this Conservative Government’s wider plan to invest in towns and villages across the country, ensuring people and businesses in communities along our coastline can thrive. The funding will create new infrastructure for visitors and protect and enhance cultural attractions, as well as supporting local businesses.

Commenting on the funding, Matt said,

“The Conservative Government is investing in the future of coastal towns and villages on an unprecedented scale, and this new funding will help Lincolnshire’s coastal areas to flourish. It will see the establishment of a new Coastal Business Forum, which will help to provide training to upskill local residents, as well as introducing new Coastal Champions, and also help begin work to capitalise on our heritage buildings to bring the community together, through much needed work at Blenkin Memorial Hall in Boston. Both investments will attract more people to see the unique charms of our coastal areas for themselves. I look forward to following the progress of the work as it is rolled-out.”

Local Growth Minister Jake Berry MP said,

“The English coastline is one of our greatest assets and we want to provide people in local communities with the right support to grow and prosper. It is this Conservative Government that is committed to boosting local growth and this investment will provide more jobs for local people and will attract more visitors from across the country and around the world to our amazing coastal towns and villages. The Labour Government failed to invest in communities and it is this Conservative Government, through our Coastal Communities Fund, Future High Street Fund and Stronger Towns Fund, that will continue to ensure businesses and people in coastal communities can thrive.”

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