Lisbon Treaty

I know that information has been circulating about the Lisbon Treaty, which suggests that it will come into force in 2020 – this is incorrect.

The UK signed the Lisbon Treaty in December 2007 and it came into force in December 2009. The main provisions of the treaty have applied since that date. Some have speculated that this misinformation has been spread from abroad by those actively campaigning against British interests.

When the UK leaves the EU, Union treaties will no longer apply in this country. The UK will leave the single market and customs union, the European Court of Justice will no longer have direct jurisdiction over us and free movement will also come to an end.

Since the UK joined the EEC in 1973, successive governments have negotiated substantial deviations from EU policy. This includes opt-outs from the euro, the borderless Schengen area and EU policies on justice and home affairs. The UK also receives a rebate on its contributions to the EU budget.

I firmly believe that the referendum result must be respected and my ministerial colleagues are working to implement the result.

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