August 22, 2019

Welfare of farm animals

I take a keen interest in animal welfare, and understand the concerns that are often raised on this matter. I am proud that the UK has some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world. There is comprehensive legislation to uphold these standards, as well as guidance on

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Marriage ceremonies

I share concerns about the current marriage laws and agree that meaningful change needs to take place. You may be interested to know that when the Government held a consultation on this in 2014, the majority of respondents were in favour of changing the law to allow legally valid non-religious

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Pensions Dashboard

Since 2010, the Government has worked closely with the pensions, financial services and consumer community to rebuild the UK’s pension savings culture. Through automatic enrolment, almost 10 million people are newly saving or saving more into a workplace pension scheme, with an estimated £20 billion extra pension saving by 2019/20.

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