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Why democracy itself is at stake

Why democracy itself is at stake. Matt Warman MP’s latest column for the Boston Standard newspaper. What is the point in having a referendum if its result can be ignored? That’s the question politicians must answer if they are not prepared to vote to trigger Article 50 and leave the

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Column: Lincolnshire Reporter October 2016

“Lincolnshire,” a constituent recently informed me, “is the forgotten county.” I was keen to set him straight, and started reeling off all the things the Boston and Skegness constituency is getting from central government – the £100m flood barrier, the investment in roads, the renewed focus on community integration and

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Newspaper Column February 2016

Parliament is at its most effective when it is at its least conspicuous – and by that I don’t mean shady gossip in dark corners, but rather the work in committees going line by line through proposed legislation, almost all televised and hardly ever watched. I’m currently serving on two

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COLUMN: Same issues but a different tone

At the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, three things struck me. Thankfully not one of them was an egg lobbed by the protesters outside, although the presence of a baying mob contrasted with the tone of the discussions inside. The placard wavers were remarkable in the main for their conviction

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