Matt Warman MP has welcomed NHS Health Education England’s new Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme in Lincolnshire.

The new scheme will offer a one-off bursary of £20,000 to trainee GPs in Lincolnshire, committed to working in one of the training places that have been hard to recruit to for the past three years. The bursary will be paid as a lump sum on starting the training post and will be administered by the local Health Education England office where the appointment is based.

There are a variety of reasons why Lincolnshire finds it more difficult to attract trainees. Some practices are relatively remote, and as a result are not routinely used for medical school placements, so are unfamiliar to many doctors in training. Those trainees that do come usually stay on after training, as they discover our area’s hidden gems.

Matt said “I’m really pleased that this bursary has been introduced to attract more excellent trainee GPs to Boston and Skegness. We have a shortage of GPs in our constituency and I welcome any encouragement given to encourage new doctors to complete their training here. I have no doubt, that once they get a taste of our beautiful area, they will want to stay permanently once they are fully qualified.”


Additional information about General Practice in Lincolnshire can be found here:

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