Is Matt my MP?

You can easily check by using the link below. All you need to do is type your home postcode into the relevant box: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

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Can Matt help me if he is not my MP?

No, even if the problem you experienced happened in the Boston and Skegness area. Very strict rules dictate that MPs can only offer assistance to people who live in or own businesses that are located in the constituency they represent. The FindYourMP tool will provide details for your MP and you

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What does an MP do?

As an MP Matt represents you, his constituents, in Parliament.  Matt can help in any matter relating to central government. He debates and votes on legislation before the House.

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I have a problem who should I contact?

Matt is happy to assist his constituents with issues they may face. Many people contact their MP when they feel they have exhausted all other options. If you feel that your problem concerns the council (e.g. schools, dustbins, housing, road repairs, public realm or public toilets) rather than central government,

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Can I get work experience in Matt’s office?

Matt will always consider requests for short periods of work experience from constituents. The decision to accept or decline requests will depend on the current schedules as Matt feels it is important to make sure that any work experience offered is worthwhile. Priority will be given to constituents. If you

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Key contact details

Some matters can be best dealt with in the first instance by contacting the relevant council authority. Some of the main contacts for council services covering Boston and Skegness can be found below. Constituents are, of course, also welcome to contact Matt if they feel he can assist with any

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