MP urges the Government to invest in research for driverless vehicles in rural areas such as Lincolnshire

Matt Warman MP has urged the Government to invest in research for driverless vehicles in rural areas such as Lincolnshire, where they will have more impact than in larger cities.
In Parliament yesterday, Matt questioned the Business Secretary Greg Clark on support available for the development of electric and driverless cars, saying, “Whether lorries or tractors, it is in rural areas where autonomous vehicles have the potential to make a particularly profound impact. Will my right hon. Friend assure me that the research that he is funding will look in particular at rural areas rather than simply focusing on our very well connected cities?”
The Business Secretary agreed that, “the opportunities in rural areas are very important not just for the vehicles he describes, but for public transport.” He also praised the work being carried out at Lincoln University, through the Centre for Autonomous Systems, on the future of mobility.
Matt commented afterwards, “I am pleased that the Business Secretary is alive to the idea that driverless vehicles present huge opportunities in rural areas such as Lincolnshire, especially in the agricultural sector. I welcome the funding which has been released nationally to develop electric and automated vehicles and I will certainly lobby for a slice of this for our county as technology moves forward, so that we can be at the forefront of developments in this area. Whether it’s making more efficient use of our roads, or opening up public transport to areas not currently well served, autonomous vehicle technology will make radical changes to how millions live their lives.”
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