Matt Warman MP: “New immigration reforms essential for Boston and Skegness

Matt Warman MP has told the Home Secretary that previous immigration policies have failed his Boston and Skegness constituency, while welcoming the Government’s plans for a post-Brexit immigration system which marks the end of free movement and values skills over nationality.

During the Home Secretary’s statement to Parliament about the new system, Matt said,

“Largely unskilled agricultural migration has seen Boston’s population change by about a third in the past 10 years, but we have been unable to attract the doctors and professionals we need to cope with increased demand, and the consequences for community cohesion have been genuinely tragic. It led directly to the highest vote to leave the European Union in the referendum. When we get immigration policy wrong, it is a disaster for communities and individuals, so this new policy is long overdue.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid responded,

“My hon. Friend makes a very important point, highlighting that when we make immigration policy we must consider not just economic need, but the pace and volume of immigration. He gives an excellent example of a community that has seen dramatic change in a short period, and of the impact on local infrastructure and public services. It is very important to get the balance right.

The new immigration system will be built around what people can contribute, rather than where they come from. For the first time in decades, the UK will have full control over who comes here, with everyone needing permission before they arrive. This will enable employers in Boston and Skegness to have access to the skills they need from around the world, while ensuring net migration is reduced to sustainable levels.

There will be a new visa route for skilled workers, no cap for professions such as doctors and engineers and no limit on the number of international students coming to our world class universities.

After the statement, Matt commented,

“My constituents voted to take back control of our borders, after the immigration policies of multiple governments failed to consider the impact of free movement on areas such as ours. While we do not doubt the contribution that migrants have made to our region over recent years, facilities have struggled to keep up with a high number of new arrivals. After Brexit, I am pleased that we will welcome talented and hardworking people who can support our economy, while bringing immigration down to sustainable levels. For the first time in decades, we will have full control over who comes here, which I know my constituents will welcome.”

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