Matt Warman welcomes over £6.6M in funding to level up Boston and East Lindsey

  • The local authorities of Boston and of East Lindsey are to receive £2,194,351 and £4,438,286 respectively through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to help level up the community – from regenerating run down high streets to fighting anti-social behaviour.
  •  The funding also includes free tutoring, digital training and flexible courses to help adults with low-level maths skills get back into work, as well as measures to get more young people into high-skilled jobs.
  • The investment will deliver on the Conservative Government’s mission to level up the United Kingdom – regenerating communities, tackling economic decline, and reversing geographical inequalities to ensure that everyone can fulfil their potential. 


    £2.6 billion of levelling up funding will be awarded to communities across the UK through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (‘UKSPF’), the Government has announced.

    The UKSPF invests in local communities by helping to regenerate high streets, tackle economic decline, and reverse geographical inequalities – with areas in greater need receiving more support. The funding is part of the Government’s mission to level up the UK, by ensuring that where an individual is born does not determine the success and opportunities afforded to them.

    Matt Warman has welcomed the news that as part of this investment, the local authorities of Boston and of East Lindsey have been awarded £2,194,351 and £4,438,286 respectively.

    This money will be given to locally elected authorities and leaders who best know what their communities need – helping to slash bureaucracy and support communities in seizing new opportunities.

    The spending confirms that the Conservative Government has fulfilled its commitment to match previous EU funding on social and regional development.


    Commenting, Matt Warman said:

    “I welcome the investment of £2,194,351 for Boston and £4,438,286 for East Lindsey, which can be used across a range of projects from supporting adults who lack basic numeracy skills, helping young people into good jobs, and regenerating our high streets.

    “This investment will help to local residents to fulfil their potential, while reducing regional inequalities that have been left untouched for too long”.


    Commenting, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove said:

    “We have taken back control of our money from the EU and we are empowering local communities to deliver on their priorities, rather than unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

    “The UK Shared Prosperity Fund will help to unleash the creativity and talent of communities that have for too long been overlooked and undervalued.

    “By targeting this funding at areas of the country that need it the most, we will help spread opportunity and level up in every part of the United Kingdom.”

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