Matt Warman welcomes Conservative government investment into East Lindsey’s parks

  • East Lindsey is to receive a share of £9 million from the Conservative Government through the Levelling Up Parks Fund to restore existing green spaces and create new parks across East Lindsey – helping residents to better enjoy outdoor spaces in our community.
  • East Lindsey is one of seven areas across the East Midlands to receive funding, which will help to upgrade green spaces across England. People in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will also benefit from funding allocated to the devolved administrations.
  • The funding will ensure that people from all backgrounds have access to nature while supporting tree planting within public spaces in our urban communities.


     East Lindsey will receive a share of £9 million of funding to build or upgrade new parks and green spaces, the Conservative Government has announced.

    East Lindsey is one of seven areas in the East Midlands that will receive funding through the Levelling Up Parks Fund.

    The Fund – which will be distributed across the UK – is designed to help residents to better enjoy green spaces in their communities, which provide a natural sanctuary from the bustling streets of towns and cities.


    In England, the funding will be given to councils and local authorities for parks, formal greens, and community gardens and can be used to build new spaces or revamp existing areas.

    The Fund particularly focuses on the most deprived neighbourhoods across the UK, from northern towns and cities such as Blackpool and Preston, to Southend-on-Sea and Hackney in the south.

    A total of 85 areas will receive a share of the £9 million funding.



    Commenting, Matt Warman said:

     “Parks and green spaces in my constituency provide a peaceful space for people to relax, exercise, and socialise, but some of these spaces are in need of a revamp.

    “Therefore, I am delighted that East Lindsey has been awarded a share of the £9 million Levelling Up Parks Fund to improve our local green spaces.

    “Thanks to this investment from the Conservative Government, people of all ages will be able to better enjoy the parks and public spaces in our area, while restoring pride in our community.”


    Commenting, Levelling Up Secretary Greg Clark said:

    “Parks and green spaces are at the heart of our communities, providing sanctuary from the bustling streets of our towns and cities and spaces for people to relax and come together.

    “Over the past few years, the importance of spending time with loved ones and getting outdoors has become even more apparent, and this latest government funding will help people living in urban areas do just that.

    “I look forward to seeing the new parks come to life and making a real difference to people’s daily lives for years to come.”

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