Happy birthday NHS – here’s to the next 75 years

We all have our NHS stories. Not every one is perfect – at its heart the NHS is millions of people giving their very best in the service of others. Nurses like my mum, doctors like my wife, porters and managers, cleaners and countless other workers alongside volunteers. It’s not just a system – it’s a human Service.
A little over six months ago the picture below this post was my main view of the NHS. A tiny baby who had nearly died being born and almost killed his mother in the process. The knowledge that my new son’s treatment wasn’t dependent on how much tax I’d paid or what healthcare plan I had was priceless. Too often politicians get accused of not caring about what really matters – the daily lives of our constituents. The NHS provides clarity on that mission every single day. It does amazing things routinely; we all have a duty to make sure the economy provides the funding for it to keep doing that and more. We’re building a new A&E at Pilgrim, investing in Skegness and addressing the huge issues facing dentists and GPs. My focus, locally and nationally will always be to meet needs close to home wherever possible and to make sure expert care is available further afield when it’s needed. The goal will always be the best possible outcomes for patients, knowing that prevention is better than cure. Happy birthday NHS – here’s to the next 75 years.
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