Following the public meetings I’ve held with County Councillors, IDBs and Anglian Water in Old Leake and Stickney focusing on water management and flooding, it was good to receive an update this morning. I’ll continue raising residents concerns and working with partner agencies to deliver long term improvements.


Dear Matt,

Following on from our previous updates about the flooding we have experienced over the last few months, we wanted to update you on the current situation and the steps we are taking to establish multi-agency groups (MAGs) to cover the flooding hotpot areas in our region.

As you know, the issues we have experienced have been caused by very high levels of surface water and groundwater overwhelming the sewer network.  As mentioned in the update we sent you earlier this month, we have been investigating the problems that have been experienced in Stickney and identified a build-up of debris in the main sewer.  This has now been removed and the sewer is free flowing.

We have also cleaned and serviced the whole vacuum system in Stickford and carried out investigations in most of the village to identify areas of surface water infiltration. We found a few cross connections which we asked customers to remove, and some surface water infiltration from the highway into some individual collection chambers. We have requested to have a sealed cover fitted on these chambers.  In addition, we’ve made some adjustments to the pumping station which should make it run more efficiently.

In Old Leake and Wrangle, we will be undertaking the catchment survey that we spoke about at the recent public meeting within the next 12 months.  Work is also progressing to fit storm covers to two vacuum pots.  As mentioned previously, these will take longer than originally anticipated as we have identified that we need to replace both manhole lids as the existing lids will not accommodate a storm cover.

The work in Old Leake will require a road closure so we anticipate that this will be completed within three months.  In terms of Wrangle, we envisage that this is likely to be completed within a couple of months.

We have also added Leverton to the list of areas for future catchment surveys.  While it is unlikely that we’ll be able to undertake a survey this year, our local team has been asked to investigate the issues that have been experienced in the village.

We will, of course, also continue to follow up individual issues that your constituents raise with us and are, for example, looking into the recent email you sent us from (name redacted) in Stickford.

Work is also progressing with establishing MAGs with the aim to work together to develop a plan for managing surface water and groundwater and reducing the risk of issues like this in the future, including establishing a clear, agreed process to provide immediate support for those who unfortunately suffer from loss of facilities or internal flooding. Invitations for the MAG have been sent out, together with the draft terms of reference, and the first meeting is due to take place on 7th May.

Invitees include Lincolnshire County Council, East Lindsey District Council, the Environment Agency, Witham First Internal Drainage Board and the relevant parish councils. If you or a member of your office would like to join the meeting, please let me know. Otherwise, we are very happy to share the outcomes from the meetings going forward.

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